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Arclight Mosaics

University of Alabama

University of Alabama

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Welcome to our college mosaic selection, where school pride and creativity merge into stunning works of art! Our shop offers an exceptional collection of mosaic kits designed to let you build and display your favorite college logos with pride and style. Step into a world of collegiate spirit as you embark on an artistic journey with our carefully curated college mosaic kits.

Each kit comes complete with everything you need to craft your own unique mosaic artwork, capturing the essence of your alma mater or favorite college team. Whether you're an alumnus, a current student, or a passionate supporter, our kits cater to all, allowing you to commemorate your cherished memories or express your admiration for a beloved institution.

Our college mosaic kits contain a high-quality quadruple board with precise tiles for your selected college’s emblem, ensuring a seamless and accurate assembly. The design and colors are thoughtfully selected to match the iconic features and dimensions of the logos, guaranteeing an authentic representation. In addition to the mosaic tiles, our kits include a specially designed adhesive that ensures the tiles adhere securely to the canvas, providing a long-lasting and visually striking artwork. You'll also receive a QR code leading you to detailed instructions on building your frame, as well as a high-definition reference of your selected design image so you can perfectly recreate it with ease.

At Arclight Mosaics we understand the significance of college affiliations and the emotional bond they create. Our kits allow you to cherish your college memories and showcase your school pride in a tangible and impressive form. Once you complete your mosaic logo, you'll have an awe-inspiring keepsake that proudly represents your college journey.

Whether you're seeking a rewarding artistic project, a meaningful gift for a fellow college enthusiast, or simply looking to display your school pride, Arclight Mosaics offers an unique experience that celebrates the unity of art and education. Come explore the beauty of mosaics and create a lasting tribute to your college with our meticulously crafted mosaic logo kits.

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